Wednesday, October 6, 2010

AUDUSD—New high

My long from .9603 hit its profit target earlier at .9774 for +171 pips. Yesterday when I took the trade, I had estimated the top of the channel at .9790 and had set the target just under it. Had I been awake and trading earlier, I probably would have taken part of the trade off the table and moved the target higher since this pair doesn't seem to want to quit. I wasn't.

Now the issue is whether to enter another long. The 2008 target of .9851 is a juicy one Supporting this price target is that the top of the channel on the weekly chart is .9850 or so. At this point, though, I need to see some sort of pullback. This pair has had six up weeks. Yesterday, the low of .9542 dipped slightly below last week's low which is not a good sign. It doesn't mean it can't continue to climb—perhaps even to parity—but it does mean that there are hints it wants to take a rest, retrace a bit, gain some energy.

One nearby possible support for a long is .9694. I'd like to see it do better than this though, perhaps down to yesterday's .9542/20 (50% of the move from .9331 to .9750 and the 20 daily SMA) for a retest. Beneath that is .9462, .9396 (.382 of move up from .8770), 9357, and .9281/70. Below that would signal possible weakness down to .8770.

Below is a three-hour, three-box, closing price point and figure (P&F) chart for AUDUSD. I've written before about them. I keep both a daily and three-hour one for the pairs I track. I like them because they remove time from the equation and show only supply and demand. They don't change unless price changes by a predetermined amount. X's are up columns meaning price is increasing; 0's are down columns. If a price is steadily moving up then the X column becomes higher by adding another X. In this case, each X is worth 30 pips so there has to be a closing price at least 30 pips higher than the prior one. If closing price decreases by 90 pips (three boxes) then a column of 0's begins showing the price decline.

As you can see from the chart below, the AUDUSD has many long columns of X's. Yesterday was the first pullback in a while and it didn't come close to getting to the 45° internal trend line that should provide support. Only if it gets down below .9270 will I get a solid sell signal from this chart. Furthermore, it has exceeded the price target I calculated some time ago of .9630. My daily chart has price targets of .9728 and it has exceeded that as well.

The bottom line here is that while I believe AUDUSD may move higher, I'd like to see a better entry point for a long position.

Here's the P&F, 3-hour, 3-box, closing price chart:

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