Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My short position from 1.5995 was taken out in the correction yesterday at 1.5745 for a profit of + 247 pips. My short from 1.5871 is still on, although it came within a hair of being taken out as well.

While it still looks like a bear flag on the shorter-term charts, the daily chart shows the pair dancing on a downtrend line from early August, 2008 and that formed a significant channel. A definitive drop below that line, currently at 1.5535/45, would be deadly for the pound as it would also be below the low of 1.5535 from Monday. It's a real nail-biter as to whether it will happen or not and the indecisive candles reflect that. I may add another short position if it does decisively move.


1.5359/75 (polarity; Jan 7th high)
1.5000/24 (flag target; round number)


1.5764 (top of flag on 3-hour chart and today's high)
1.5800 (round number; fib confluence)
1.5850 (EW boundary for current move down--wave 1 so wave 4 can't enter its territory)
1.5986 (Fib confluence)

Here's the daily chart:

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