Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The Euro touched a 1.4287 high late last night, just above the weekly 10 EMA of 1.4261. As I wrote on Monday, the weekly 10 EMA has been support since early March. Now it looks as though it may be serving as resistance.

On the three-hour chart, the pair might be in an ABC correction beginning with the low of 1.4049, going to A at 1.4244 and B at 1.4124. The potential price for C is 1.4245, 1.4319, or 1.4440. Of the three, I like 1.4319 (where C equals A) since that equates with 1.4326 which would be the top of the rectangle. This is also near a .382 retracement of the move down from 1.4548.

Support is at 1.4121 and 1.4049.

I went long yesterday at 1.4188. Obviously, I have moved my stop to breakeven.

Here's a three-hour chart.

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