Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Aussie is still below its broken trend line. The dip to 1.0514 took it slightly below last week's hammer low of 1.0537. This is not good. It is currently coiling within a symmetrical triangle. Symmetrical triangles are often continuation moves although they do not have to be. From an Elliott perspective, a triangle always resolves with price action continuing in the direction from which it entered the triangle, downward in this case. Looking at price behavior from the high of 1.1012, an ABC correction is taking place, with the C wave unfolding. The potential price for the C wave is 1.0595 at .618 of A, 1.0414 where it would be equal to A, and 1.0120 where it would be 1.618 of A.

There is some good support in the 1.05 area. A retracement of .382 of the move from .9706 to 1.1012 is 1.0513 and that same price is the monthly S1 pivot calculation. The weekly 10 EMA is 1.0533. There is also the psychological 1.05 round number.

Beneath 1.05 is also good support down to 1.04. The retracement of .382 of the move from .9537 to 1.1012 is 1.0439. The C leg equals the A leg of the ABC correction at 1.0414. The weekly S1 pivot calculation is 1.0444. The price objective from the triangle itself is 1.0443. After 1.04 is 1.0359, (50% of .9706/1.1012).

Triangle resistance is 1.0604. There should be one more move up to this price before prices break downward (if they are going to break downward). Short-term price resistance is at 1.0642 and then 1.0717.

Here is the one-hour chart:

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