Friday, April 15, 2011


Sorry for no blog posts Thurday and Friday. Between a touch of the flu, taxes, and my cat, Alban, getting diagnosed with bone cancer, it has been a tough week.

I sat down Thursday morning, early, to try to trade and I just couldn't focus. I was determined to get back to it today but I just don't have the energy. Sometimes, it's better to let it go. We all have to recognize when life overtakes us and realize we can't be at our best.

I'll have it back together by Monday.


  1. Dianne, I could not agree more. Sometimes life is testing us with unseen situations and undiscovered feelings. Only positive vibrations are the cure. I hope and I know you will go throu this!

    Have a nice start of the day and as your friends say: "You are not alone!"

    Hear you later..

  2. Thanks. I'm feeling a bit more together, today.