Monday, March 28, 2011


On the weekly chart, Euro may be making another run for the long-term downward trend line at 1.4279. This downtrend line begins at the 1.6041 high with a second touch at 1.5144. Note, though, that the upper boundary of the rectangle is near 1.50, a nice round number. Of course, Euro reaching 1.50 would find Euro bulls dancing in the streets but it would not invalidate the longer-term downtrend nor the weekly Elliott Wave count. I'm interpreting the count as the move down to 1.1876 being wave 1 of (3) so the current uptrend is wave 2 of (3). That's one interpretation. There are others.

Reaching 1.50 would result in a double zigzag correction—well at least it would if there was then a sustained move down. For now, though, immediate weekly resistance is at 1.4279, near the prior Nov. 2010 high at 1.4283.

Here's the weekly chart:

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