Monday, March 28, 2011


Euro is rallying from 1.4021. That price was slightly below the 1.4041 support and only five pips below the price at which wave C would equal A in a three-wave correction off the 1.4248 high from last Tuesday. The rally followed positive divergence on the three-hour chart.

If this rally is simply a correction of the 1.4021 low, the potential for wave C is 1.4131 where wave C would be 1.618 of wave A (wave A started at 1.4021 and ended at 1.4085; wave B ended at 1.4027). 1.4131 is also where a very short-term trend line comes in from the 1.4220 high.

A move above 1.4131, then, hints that the daily uptrend is resuming. RSI on the short-term chart gives a hint of momentum and this is something I'll watch as another piece of evidence for strength or weakness. Since I'm already short from 1.4190 with a stop at above 1.4153, I'll most likely add to my position if, and only if, I get some confirmation from RSI or from a bearish candle. Otherwise, a stop and reverse may be the way to go, especially if the Euro breaks above 1.42.

Resistance is at 1.4131, 1.4194, 1.4248, 1.4283 and 1.4345.

A break below 1.4021 would find support at 1.4000/3981, 1.3856 and 1.3752.

Here's the three-hour chart:

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