Friday, January 7, 2011

Currency market today

There's uncertainty in the market today as traders wait for the US NFP number and for Bernanke's address to the Congressional Budget Committee later today.

AUDUSD began the week with a high of 1.0214 on Monday. The weekly trend has been down with a low of .9908 this morning. Next major support level is the uptrend line from June at .9849

EURGBP has also trended down this week, going from a high of .8646 on Monday to a low yesterday of .8395 which is about where it is this morning. The uptrend line from June comes in at .8334

EURJPY (I'm still short) went from a low of 107.80 on Monday to a high of 110.24 on Tuesday. It has been dropping and is desperately trying to base in the low 108 area.

EURUSD (I'm still short) never made it above 1.3434 this week on Tuesday. It is current low this morning is 1.2961. There's a speed line coming in at 1.2807 which should hold as support but we'll have to see—there's so much negative sentiment out there.

GBPJPY began the week with a low of 125.78 and trotted up to a high of 129.31 on Wednesday. It has been fighting that resistance level since then. If it breaks through, the next resistance is 131.38, a downward trend line from last April.

GBPUSD (the market filled my long limit order of 1.5419 overnight but I've already moved my stop to breakeven as the uncertainty is too great to let the trade alone today) saw a high of 1.5646 on Tuesday before dropping to a low overnight of 1.5407. It's possible the small triangle on the daily chart will provide the next resistance at 1.5610.

USDCAD started the week with a low of .9890 from where it leapt to a high of 1.0034 Tuesday. Alas, it has been struggling ever since. The uptrend line from .9890 might provide support at .9941.

USDCHF (I'm long with three positions) look comatose Monday, with a low of .9323. It's the poster child of success this week, climbing to a high of .9708 yesterday. This is near the 50% of the move down from 1.0066 so let's see how it fares.

USDJPY touched a low of 81.97 on Monday. It then marched upwards where it is currently struggling with a downtrend line from June coming in at 88.39.

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