Tuesday, June 8, 2010

May Trading Results—up 5,352 pips

It was another good month for trading with profits of 5,352 pips. I don't have time to list the results for each individual trade but one can look back in the blog to find the detail. By pair, the results were:

AUDUSD +698 pips
EURCHF +682 pips
EURUSD +2,727 pips
GBPJPY +112 pips
GBPUSD +308 pips
USDCAD + 825 pips

2010 has offered a lot of opportunities and I've used straightforward technical analysis to take advantage of them. I hope that readers of this blog will see that it only requires this—you don't have to pay for some obscure, mystical technique to make profits in the market. Use your technical analysis skills and exercise ironclad discipline. If I had a losing month would I consider myself as a failure? No, not at all, as long as I was faithful to my rules and used discipline to let profits run and to cut losses.

Since October 2009 when I began reporting my results, the pips have been:

May +5,352 pips
Apr +2,366 pips
Mar +6,141 pips
Feb +5,915 pips
Jan +3,116 pips

Dec +2,092 pips
Nov +2,054 pips
Oct +1,994 pips

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