Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yearly highs and lows

Here are the year-to-date highs and lows for the pairs I regularly follow. In parenthesis is the month of the high or low. I have grouped them by those that made their high in January, then those that made it in February, and then those that have done so in March.

EURCHF: High: 1.4894 (Jan); Low 1.4454 (Mar)
EURJPY: High: 134.39 (Jan); Low 119.65 (Feb)
EURUSD: High: 1.4581 (Jan); Low 1.3434 (Mar)
GBPCHF: High: 1.7115 (Jan); Low 1.5905(Mar)
GBPJPY: High: 150.74 (Jan); Low 132.02(Mar)
GBPUSD: High: 1.6460 (Jan); Low 1.4783(Mar)
USDJPY: High: .9379 (Jan); Low .8813 (Mar)

USDCAD: High: 1.0782 (Feb); Low 1.0071 (Mar)
USDCHF: High: 1.0900 (Feb); Low 1.0132 (Jan)
USDTRY: High: 1.5654 (Feb); Low 1.4447 (Jan)
USDZAR: High: 7.8965 (Feb); Low 7.2440 (Mar)

AUDUSD: High: .9254 (March); Low .8578 (Feb)

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