Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My long from 136.40 stopped just above breakeven so I established another long at 136.83 since nothing had changed. I was probably a little too cautious, moving my stop too quickly to breakeven but this happens. In any case, the pair is up nicely, riding the coattails of the pound this morning. I've moved my stop to 137.45 and will just see where it goes. Should the pair pull back to 138.18 (the breakout point from the range), adding to my long is definitely something I'll look at. As I wrote yesterday, 138.09/26 was tough resistance so if it can clear it again, the outlook is good for this pair to climb higher even though it's in an overall downtrend.

Resistance is at 139.00, 140.00, and 141.40, 142.10, and 143.65. Support is at 138.09/18, 136.00, 135.52/45, 135.19, 134.93, 134.00, and 133.92.

Here's the three-hour chart:

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