Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EURUSD—bear flag on daily

On the daily chart, Euro touched the top of a channel at 1.4485 this morning. This channel could be a bear flag, a pattern that often forms during a decline, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath before the decline resumes. A bear flag could result from profit taking after the rise from the Euro’s low last month of 1.4217—that’s not a lot of profit but the explanation sounds reasonable, right? This is why I usually don’t ask why. Many explanations sound reasonable, but who really knows why these minor (if it is minor) fluctuations occur? If it is a flag and it breaks below, the length of the flag to date suggests we could see a low of 1.34. Hooah!

In any case, 1.4485 was a reasonable place for a short if you’re bearish on the Euro. I missed it and while I might go short even now at 72 points below that point, a look at the hourly chart suggests waiting. The reason is that it looks as though it might be at the bottom of a short-term range and so, perhaps, I’ll get another chance to short at a better price. A break above that range might suggest a buy. If it doesn’t go back up, will I short? Yes. I’d wait for a definitive break below the flag on the daily chart that I wrote about above.

Here are the hourly and daily charts:

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