Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Observation, Generalization, Verification--Euro and other trades

I’m still short the Euro from the sell order that was triggered last Friday at 1.4712. I moved my stop to 100 pips profit if taken out. In addition, I this moment (10AM EST) took a third of my position off the table at 170 pips profit.

I wondered yesterday if I’d see another push up in the Euro. It hasn’t happened yet. One can see a few reasons for being short this pair. Some of them (from the three hour chart below) are:

1) It broke below an uptrend channel (on daily as well as the 3- hour)
2) There was prior divergence between the RSI and the upward movement in price
3) The 1.47 area was proving to be resistance
4) It broke below trough (1.4723) of a double top on the 3-hour chart
5) Long bearish candles were taking out small bullish candles

Some might argue a Head and Shoulder (H&S) pattern was forming on the three hour. If so, it’s a bit messy. More important is that it’s currently loitering just below the neckline. Until that’s definitively broken, there is no pattern. This is something new traders often forget. “Double top!” they’ll say, or “Head and Shoulders!” They correctly detect the beginnings of the pattern but don’t wait until it proves itself to be really that. Good observation of the possible but too much generalization and no verification. Trading is a matter of patience (forbearance, I wrote earlier this month).

But there is enough here to say, in short, a short. If it continues down and definitively breaks the upward channel on the weekly chart this could be the beginning of something big. Before one starts counting profits, though, note the three hour bullish divergence on the three hour chart. We’ll just have to continue watching. Here’s the three hour chart:
By the way, most will realize that as far as correlation goes this is a mirror of my long USD/CHF trade. I could have doubled up in either instead of trading them both. The important point, though, is that I realized this as I calculated position size for each trade.

Last week I wrote that I shorted the AUD/USD at .8738. It stopped yesterday at 20 pips profit. Talk about sideways movement. I shorted again at .8722. As soon as I finish writing this I’m going to analyze this again. This is how I spend my days as a trader. Analyzing and re-analyzing price movement from several different points of view. When I first started trading I heard many stories about how people would trade from the beach, grabbing 500 pips here or a thousand pips there. It hasn’t proven to be the reality for me. I have to work at this stuff.

The GBP/USD has had its fun with me, stopping me out yet again at break even. Talk about the need for more analysis. I’m also out of GBP/JPY.

None of the above is a trade recommendation. You have to develop your own ideas. I only hope to show some of the tools I use that can help you do so. Remember that trading involves substantial risk. Get written permission from Mommy before you attempt it but only if you and Mommy have a good financial cushion and are risking money you can afford to lose.

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