Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday thoughts and the Guppy

After struggling a bit with the chart yesterday I decided to stay short the Guppy trade. Mostly the reason was that when I looked at it from different time frames and different perspectives, e.g. changing compression on the charts, I still believed in my reasons for getting into it. The pair managed to overcome its initial shock at touching 149.61 and has gone slumming as low as 148.62 this morning. It’s now over a 100 pips profit. Obviously, I’ve now moved my stop to lock in at least 50 pips. But will I close out? It is Friday, after all, and I often close all positions at the end of the week.

Take a look at the three hour chart now. It’s finding some support at the 148.60 level. There’s also some positive divergence with price and RSI. Of course, divergence is all over many charts right now. It may climb back up a bit. I think there’s more downward potential. But it doesn’t really matter what I think. At this point I need to pull back, look at what has happened this week to date, and make some decisions. In any case, it is what they so quaintly call a “free trade.” I can only make money on it now despite what happens.
To be honest the week has been a little frustrating. This is because of the sideways movements that largely took place in the pairs I traded. You can make some steady profits in this kind of market (and take small losses if you manage your stops). But let’s face it. The really big profits come from trending moves—being in at the right time and staying with it. And not taking small profits. For me this usually means that if I get a free trade going I stay with it if my analysis shows there could be more to come. That doesn’t mean I won’t take partial profits at a point. I did so this morning with the Guppy at 118 pips. That is how I quiet the savage and greedy beast within that shouts, bellows, and roars to take profits, any profits. Three pips? Five? Oh my, it starts to get excited. 15? 20? Now it positively palpitates with anticipation. At 50 it starts the heavy ammo—old messages from the past having to do with each and every one of my many, many failures in trading. When that fails to move me it jumps to parental assaults on my self esteem.

For a couple of years it won. I tried everything—reading, courses, various mind/body techniques. All helped to some degree but what finally did it for me was simple awareness of the feeling. Letting myself feel it and moving on. Without touching the keyboard. Sounds simple but it was devilishly difficult. I’ll write some more about it in an upcoming post this weekend.

Nothing I write here in this blog is a trade recommendation. Do not act on it as though it were. I hope to only share some of my own decision making process and some thoughts on the psychology and philosophy of trading. Especially when it’s so easy to fall into the me David without a sling shot, they Goliath mindset. Well maybe the me David, they Goliath is reality. But there is always a sling shot.

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