Monday, May 2, 2011

EURUSD—possible price resistance, support and targets

If the market continues to hammer the USD, Euro will likely continue to rise. What are some possible resistance levels and price targets?

Weekly pivot calculations provide an R1 resistance level at 1.4961 and R2 at 1.5116. The latter ties nicely with the monthly R1 level at 1.5105. On the weekly chart, one can identify an ABC correction. A begins at 1.1876 with a three wave move up to 1.4283; B ends at 1.2859; and C is in progress with a target of 1.5266.

Another way of looking at this entire move is to consider it a harmonic move on the weekly chart of AB=CD with C to D still in progress. Taking the B to C retracement, would result in a price target of 1.5163. That is close to the resistance levels from the pivot calculations above. Looking at the monthly chart, one can trace out an AB=CD move in progress (AB=1.1876 to 1.4283 with C beginning at 1.2971) and the target is 1.5378. I think that is the high end for any move.

Support is at 1.4728/11, 1.4520, 1.4450/34, and a strong zone in the 1.4184/15 range.

Here's the weekly chart:

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