Friday, December 10, 2010


After dipping to a low of .9799, the Swissy has regained its short-term uptrend line on the hourly chart (not shown) and, unless it drops quite a bit further today, is on track to have the same low as last week at .9726. This is more evidence that it's basing. Below .9726 , of course, would hint at further lows. Market action is a bit sluggish, in part due to the thinning holiday markets. As I pointed out the other day, the pair is holding the uptrend line from the hammer low of .9463 in October and RSI momentum looks good on the longer-term charts. Nonetheless, one must be careful to keep stops tight on any longs. There's a chance that pattern on the weekly chart could be a bear flag which, if it played out, would be heart-stopping. Unless you were short. Then it would be joyful.

Here's the weekly chart. My trades don't show on the monthly charts since I use a different charting package for weekly and monthly charts.

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