Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I did a stop and reverse yesterday afternoon on this pair, going long at .9685. That meant the remainder of my short from yesterday earned 110 profits, only one pip more than where I'd taken partial profits.

Why did I do this? As most of my readers know, I almost never bail out of profitable trades. One reason was that I distrusted the rate of the drop. Euro, yes, I could see it as well as in other pairs. But while AUDUSD was overextended, the only "problem" on the horizon was that sudden China interest rate drop and I began to believe this was only over-reaction to unexpected news. The other problem was the round number .9700 level. It seemed to be hesitating. Finally, I already had divergence on the 15-minute chart which was also true for other charts. In the first moves of a real drop down, one wouldn't expect to see this. So I went long and have just taken partial profits at +95 pips.

I don't think all is well here. The pair, on a weekly basis, had a lower low than last week so it's showing weakness. It also dropped below the .618 of the most recent move up chart. I'm just not sure the party on the upside is over yet and in this correction has already overcome minor resistance at .9718. I'll be watching the correction channel closely and will post again later. I may short rather quickly if things look like they're falling apart.

Here's the 15-minute chart:

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