Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EURGBP—may reach new highs

Early last week, before I escaped to the mountains of beautiful North Carolina for several days, I wrote that this pair appeared to be setting up for a potential short around .8531 since it was near resistance and in a general downtrend since March.

However the pair moved up in what turned out to be a strong weekly candle. It reached a high of .8578 which means it broke through key resistance at .8531. This price is near the 50% level of the move from March down to June. The pair then fell back to .8467 in what could be a three-wave correction on the three-hour chart. If this is true then wave C has been equal to wave A so far and one can make the case for additional moves up. What are some other signs there may be more upward price movement? On both my 3-hour and daily point and figure (P&F) charts, I have price targets of .9270 and .9100 respectively. On the three-hour chart I had a buy signal near .8550. Also on the three-hour chart, is a pennant with a potential price target of .8746. As a result of this I bought this morning at .8497. It almost immediately tried another thrust up. Let's see if it can make it.

The potential downside is that wave C could extend down to .8374. There's also a possibility this is a false breakout above .8531, something certainly not unknown in the Forex world. Additional downside probes to .8350 are possible but below that I'd assume the downward trend was resuming.

I haven't really had a chance to settle back into trading since I arrived home late last night. As a result, I've already moved my stop to breakeven.

Support is at .8467, .8430, .8374, .8350 and .8250. Resistance is at .8578/95, .8670, .8700, and .8808.

Here's the daily chart:

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