Thursday, May 13, 2010

USD—Monthly chart

The monthly chart shows what my weekly chart from last week showed—the USD is in an overall uptrend and has been so since 2008.

It looks as though it might be pushing up to the downtrend line drawn from 2002 which would make a third touch for that line. It if goes further, it would be a third touch for the downtrend line drawn from 2005. That price zone is from 86 to 88.70. If it broke that downtrend line then it's likely it will exceed last year's high of 89.71. On the daily chart (not shown) you can make a case for an upwave that will complete just above 85. However, one should expect a correction after that point before it turns up again. So the weekly scenario is the long-term scenario. A correction could see 82.65 (short-term daily uptrend line) and then down as low as 80.03 (April low). Beyond that is the uptrend line on the monthly chart which is just belo 76.

Here's the monthly chart:

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