Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Blog Results +1,994 pips

I’ve decided to start posting my trade results from trades I’ve mentioned on this blog. I don’t blog all my trades (I’d never have time to trade if I did so) but I do touch on many here as I tend to follow different pairs for a period of time. I had a little trouble combing back through my posts but believe I have it correct below. For the month of October the results are a net gain of +1,994 pips. In some of the trades, as I’ve noted below, I took partial profits. I wasn’t sure how to report those so I added them together, e.g. if I closed out half at 50 and the rest at 100, I count 150. I’m not sure this is the best way to represent this. If anyone has a better idea, please post a comment.

Regardless, it was a good month. I had a big advantage this month in that the market presented many clear opportunities. Finally, it’s clear the number was so high primarily from trading GBPUSD and USDCAD. I put a lot of analysis into these two based on what I saw on my charts. That’s what paid off. I have had losing months in the past as well and if I blog about trades that result in a net loss you’ll see them here. That’s why I post the charts that show my actual trades. Anybody can say they made pips in the market but they never show you the trades as they go.
Here’s the detail by currency pair, net gain or loss, and detail:

1 trade -15 pips;
2 trades, one +10 and one +30

2 trades at -25 pips each;
1 trade 2 pips;
1 trade +40 pips;
1 trade +50 pips;

1 trade +40 pips;

GBP/JPY +257
1 trade 57 pips;
1 trade 200 pips;

GBP/USD +611
1 trade partially closed at +154; remainder closed at +265; I counted them separately.
2 trades at +120 and +72

USD/CAD +944
1 trade +50;
1 trade partially closed at +200 pips with rest taken at +100 pips (I added these together)
1 trade 219 pips.
1 trade partially closed at +375. Remainder of trade closed in Nov. so will count then

1 trade +75 pips

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