Monday, September 21, 2009

Watching AUD/USD

The AUD/USD started weakening a bit at the end of last week after it broke up from its consolidation range earlier in the week. As of just a moment ago the buy price was .8622 so it’s back inside the range of .8543 to .8676. Remember that I wrote that breakouts from ranges, in particular, can be premature or false. There’s no way of telling right now what the real story is with this pair. Here’s the 3-hour chart showing weakness—it violated the 62 EMA it had been roughly using as an uptrend line plus the uptrend line I drew on the chart. It also violated the RSI uptrend line.
None of this weakness means the sky is falling. But it does indicate some uncertainly. So, I have to do what most traders need to do if they’re going to be successful. I have to wait until I get some more clues. Meanwhile I canceled the remaining buy order I had in place, was stopped out of the long I had from .8723, and bailed out of the filled buy order at .8678. So I’m flat. I bailed because I don’t like the weakness it’s showing and don’t have enough positive clues to wait it out as I did when I wrote about the GBP/JPY last week (a trade I’m still in by the way; I’ve set my profit stop at 80 pips)
Overall, it’s important to remember that we’re still in an uptrend and have been so since March. That’s six months. It could be just an intermediate uptrend (according to DOW theory) before a downtrend resumes. So this could be the resumption of the downtrend but I don’t have proof of that or even any overwhelming evidence that would let me assume it to be true.
What clues will I look for that will shape my opinion of the pair at this point?
First, I still believe the consolidation range is important. That means if it breaks upward again from that range I will take another long position. I may try a tiny long if it falls to the bottom of that range as well with an extremely tight stop. There’s also an uptrend line from the daily chart coming in at .8475 so that area is significant. But if it definitively closes below the bottom of the range and the uptrend line I would start to think the trend has changed and would be looking to sell on rallies.
For the time being I have to wait and see.

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